What We Do

“My child has plenty of ‘toys’ at our house. The Montessori materials encourage learning in a careful, sequenced manner. The enrichment programs provide opportunities in the same comfortable environment she is familiar with.”

Our program is designed to emphasize academic opportunities equally with creative self-expression, emotional stability, physical development, and social interaction. Major curriculum areas include:

Practical Life exercises encourage independence in everyday living, teaching the students to care for themselves and their environment. Each of the tasks helps the child to perfect his coordination so that they feel comfortable working with the more intricate academic materials. They also learn good working habits, putting away materials before beginning another activity.

Sensorial activities are designed to isolate and sharpen each of the five senses. A child might choose to compare and grade sounds, colors, textures, or shapes. Each of the sensorial materials has a built-in control of error so that the child can correct his/her mistakes.

Math – The mathematics area contains materials for recognition of numerals 0 – 9 and their representation in quantity. Children who have progressed, and are interested, work with larger numbers, including mathematical operations and lessons on the decimal system. A true understanding and love of math has begun!

Language is taught by familiarizing the child with letter sounds and follow-up pre-reading exercises. When ready, the child will be encouraged to begin composing short words. Joyous exclamations are often heard: “I can read!”

Geography is an important introduction to our big wide world. We look at people, lands and predominant animals and gain an understanding of our place in the world with others.

Art becomes an opportunity for creative self-expression. A wide variety of mediums are available and rotated on a regular basis.
In addition, free time allows the child to fix a snack or look at books in the library. There is also the freedom to simply relax and watch other children engaged in their purposeful activities.

A cultural enrichment program at Shoreline School of Montessori provides group lessons in French, Music and Children’s Literature.  Activities relating to various units including the solar system, sea life, dinosaurs, even botany and zoology are available, reinforcing lessons given in small groups.  Weather permitting, outdoor time on our appealing playground precedes dismissal.