Parent Testimonials

“Before visiting Shoreline Montessori, I had brought our daughter to many places.  This was the only place where she asked if she could stay when it came time to leave.  That was the moment I knew ‘this is it’ even though I wasn’t prepared to drive the long distance to send my daughter to school every day.  The education at Shoreline Montessori helps children to be good learners and good people.  There was nothing better than to see my daughter transform from a shy girl to a confident and vibrant student during her stay there.  Now I am sure that she will do well in the future due to her well-prepared experience at Montessori.  It was truly worth the effort of driving from Madison to Branford twice each day.”   – Jingshi, Madison

“We have sent three very different children through Shoreline Montessori but the school’s tailored approach has helped them all shine.”   – Sarah, Guilford

“We watched our daughter experience the joy of learning through the authentic Montessori method by educators who exemplify the lessons they teach, and that will stay with her forever.  As she learned, our daughter’s path was guided by the most dedicated, loving and progressive teachers a parent could wish for.  All that is left to say is thank you for 3 amazing years!”   – Eve, Branford

“From the moment our kids walked through the door, the place became THEIR school – a special place where everything is set up for them, with things to explore, to touch, to discover.  The teachers gently guide the children, as a group and individually, to the various areas of learning within the room.  In this environment, children learn to explore, to ask questions, to figure things out, all the while learning to be respectful of others.  Here, children learn to love learning.  We have truly enjoyed every experience with you and your teachers.  Thank you!”   – Karin, Guilford

“I have been a parent of Montessori students for about 10 years now.  As an educator myself (albeit not Montessori trained), I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of learning my children have received at Shoreline Montessori.  It is not a preschool, it is an avenue to guide children down the path of a love for lifelong learning!”   – Jennifer, Guilford

“Shoreline School of Montessori is a nurturing environment that taps into each child’s individual potential.  The teachers are just amazing.  They see the strengths of every child and work with them in a patient and caring manner.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with our son’s 3 years there.”   – Cheryl, Branford

“Sending our children to Shoreline School of Montessori has been the best educational decision my husband and I have made.  You simply cannot place your child in a better place.  The nurturing and caring environment has afforded each of my children to flourish both personally and academically.”   – Lauren, Guiford

“I am amazed by the fact that the classroom in action looks like the brochure:  children are engaged, the class is calm and quiet, things are orderly and beautiful and always totally child-centered. The teachers are incredible – they take the time to really know each child and demonstrate keen insight, great skill, and love for what they do.  We are so pleased with our experience at Shoreline Montessori. Our son seems to have a solid foundation for love of learning and self-guided exploration. Keep up the good work!”   – Katina, Guilford

Both our boys looked forward to school while at Shoreline Montessori, and loved their teachers.  In areas where they struggled and thrived, the teachers supported their learning and their spirits.  If given the option, now in first and third grade, they would both gladly return to their Montessori school! We miss you!”   – Jenny, Branford