Our Staff

The teachers serve as the link between the students, their learning environment and their parents.  All of our classroom teachers at Shoreline School of Montessori have college behind them and are Montessori certified, highly skilled in the use of the unique Montessori materials. The staff’s exceptional preparation not only shines in their knowledge and execution of the method, but also in their understanding of child development. Each child in our classroom benefits from a genuine warmth on the part of the teachers that promotes confidence and success.

Our staff’s longevity at the school and their commitment to ongoing professional development also demonstrate their dedication to children. Along with their steadfast enthusiasm about Montessori, our teachers recognize the importance of being innovative and creative to captivate children of the 21st century.

The Director, Regina Satterthwaite, has been with Shoreline School of Montessori since 1992 when she began as the children’s literature teacher, later becoming a classroom teacher certified through the American Montessori Society.  As Director, she has been committed to maintaining the original vision of the school that was to offer a quality early education experience for shoreline area families.  Regina has been licensed since 2000 by the State of Connecticut as a qualified director of this long established preschool & kindergarten.

Since 1996, Gerri Venditto has been vital to introducing the beautiful Montessori materials to the children.  Her spontaneous variations invigorate the purpose of the materials and provide reinforcement when needed.  Gerri’s keen observations and timely lessons help each child happily progress in each of the classroom areas.  Her group times inspire, involving the students in conversations that help them develop socially and emotionally through a variety of themes abundant in children’s literature.

Julie Olejarczyk joined the staff in 2010 after earning a Masters in Teaching degree.  Julie’s fresh perspective on education and excitement about Montessori are a winning combination for her approach with the children.  Along with Regina and Gerri, Julie is responsible for lessons as well as preparing and maintaining a rich classroom environment where the children feel comfortable exploring the materials.  Julie also leads group time, a favorite among which for the students is yoga.

Audrey Minto, a French native, introduces our students to the French language by working with individual age groups once a week.  Her bright energy harnesses their interest as she sings songs and plays games to inspire them to learn vocabulary pertinent to their world, all the while sparking those connections in the brain responsible for language acquisition.

Dorota Xeller, joined Shoreline School of Montessori in 2014 and runs our popular music program which began in 1987.  Knowledge and passion for music and dance and a love of children led Dorota to Neighborhood Music School where she has been on the staff of their Early Childhood Department.  Dorota’s guitar accompanies her joyful lessons in creative music and movement to enrich the learning experience for our students.  In addition to being fun, music is a wonderful way to reinforce school readiness skills!